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i prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what i asked of him.  so now i give him to the Lord.

1 Samuel 1:27-28

we had the incredible blessing yesterday of dedicating our daughter to the Lord.  on a beautiful, breezy sunday afternoon, we celebrated with our loved ones.  i am honored to have all of these wonderful people in evelyn’s life and i know they will all be great role models for her as she grows in her relationship with the lord.  her erickson grandparents opened up their lake home for the celebration, while my mom prepared some delicious food and it really was just a lovely day.


happy half-birthday!

my little bug is six months old!  it is so fun to see how far she has come over the past month.  she loves rolling all around, sitting up, and standing with some help.  she mastered rolling to her tummy several weeks ago, which has been real fun during sleepytime and playtime!  some nights i find i have to pin her down so she doesn't keep rolling instead of sleeping.  and although she used to love playing on her back on the floor, this is no more.  she now flips the second you lay her down and instead of rolling back over, she attempts to crawl.  she can scoot on her belly pretty well, but the crawling just isn't there yet and it is frustrating {mostly for her ;)}.  i'm hoping it will be soon for the sake of all of us, especially since she has recently started tucking her knees and propelling forward with a little bit of help.  how tough it is to be little!  naps are pretty much non-existent these days, which i keep hoping is just a phase.  thankfully, we figured out some sure-fire ways to get a belly laugh, or at the very least a big smile, no matter how sleepy she is.  she has been enjoying eating dinner with us at the table in her high chair and is excited to start trying some real food of her own now.  one of her favorite activities this month is watching and petting puppies.  she can't get enough of boston and hates that she can't chase after him yet.  now boston on the other hand...


five months, five months

today i woke up and peered over at my five month old.  i have been waiting for this age since she was born.  not because of her age, per say, but because it represents the end of my first school year and the beginning of time for just her and me.  how glorious to work in a school system.  and evelyn is just as magical as i dreamt she would be at this age.  she loves to laugh, smile at everyone, play with her toys, play airplane baby, roll over, and kick her legs until the sun goes down.  she started this thing in the past month where she will grab my face, pull it in close to hers, and give me a big open mouth kiss.  i'm sure it is the most adorable thing in the entire world.  we took her in for her four month appointment last week {we are a tad bit behind schedule} and found out she is fourteen pounds {34th percentile} and twenty-five and a half inches long {75th percentile}.  each month i have taken a picture of evelyn with her friend suzette.  i have not been very consistent with posting said pictures, so i will include them in this post so you can see just how tall she is actually getting. it was also confirmed that small heads are genetic as she remains in the first percentile for that category.  and in other news, evelyn's garden has been planted.  we are hoping for great success as she simply cannot wait to start eating food like her mama and daddy.  

six weeks

two months

three months

four months


a baby bump

i have been anxiously awaiting the photos from our maternity session we took back in december.  when they came in the mail yesterday, i couldn't wait another minute to post them.  it feels like that stage was so long ago and looking back at the photographs, it is hard to believe i was that big!  although i'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact that i was pushing my belly out in each picture to make sure it photographed well.  evelyn managed to hide herself well inside of me and because of that, i never really felt uncomfortably large throughout my pregnancy.  even so, i much prefer my little bug on the outside.

i have come to conclude that nice round pregnant bellies are the stuff of legends as mine always seemed to be lopsided.  this maternity session was no exception.  but somehow, that misshapen belly turned out to be the best kind of belly.  there is nothing better than a little bum poking out of your side while you are falling asleep or the distinctive roll across your stomach as your dog decides to use you as a pillow.  the symmetry might make it photogenic, but the lumps and bumps are what make it come to life.

Photos take by Deshi


command center

one of my goals last summer was to finish up our guest bedroom/office space.  i grossly overestimated the additional time it would take to complete projects while pregnant.  i'm still amazed at how tired i was every. single. day.  thankfully, i was able to finish the room before our little bug arrived.  

i blogged before about our office desk, which was a key piece to this room.  i decided to add a command center above the desk as a way to keep the small office space we have organized while still making the room appealing for guests.

i purchased some black frames from ikea and filled them with an adhesive white board i found at office max, cork board found at jo-ann fabrics, and fabric/ribbon that i put together myself.  

the utensil holder was also purchased from ikea and the mail organizer was found at home goods.

i love how the room turned out, but have yet to get in there to photograph it!  it usually ends up being a good place for clean laundry to get dumped since we don't typically have many guests staying overnight.  although i'm sure boston wouldn't mind having a few more sleeping buddies these days!