end tables and ottomans

when cody and i purchased our couch, we quickly realized we were in need of some tables or an ottoman to replace our large ottoman tray we had been using previously.  we settled on some inexpensive tables from ikea with plans to change them up and better fit our aesthetic.

i spray painted the bases in oil-rubbed bronze to give the look of metal legs.  I also tried adding some padding and fabric to the tops to make an ottoman, but cody and i agreed it just did not look right.  he offered to make some wood tops instead so we could use them as end tables.

we used pine that we purchased from the hardware store and i stained it using american walnut stain.  we then glued the wood to the base and ended up loving how they looked.  of course, we were still need of an ottoman!  as it turns out, ottomans aren't too difficult to make either.  cody made a simple wooden box using plywood.  i lost all the pictures i had taken of this process, unfortunately, but i'm sure they weren't that interesting anyway.  after he was finished, i covered the box with 4" foam and batting.  i found a beautiful gray herringbone fabric from joann fabrics and sewed a covering that was stapled onto the base.  the legs were purchased from home depot, along with mounting brackets, and stained in the same american walnut stain as the table.

what i love most about the ottoman is the height.  i wasn't sure how comfortable it would be to have an ottoman that is lower than the couch, but it actually is very comfortable.  it is also the perfect height for toddlers!  and thankfully, it is also very sturdy for all the climbing and bouncing that happens on it daily.


master bedroom

the last time i showed our master bedroom, we were sharing it with a new little baby.  we rearranged shortly after moving her into her own room.  even though we will soon be welcoming another roommate, we decided to skip the nursery nook this time around.  as it turns out, it is much more convenient to have your newborn sleeping right next to you and completely eliminate the need to even get out of bed during those nightly feedings.  we are still prepared for this little one though with a foldable crib ready to be put up at a moment's notice and a handmade mobile waiting to be hung. 

you can read more about the wall color and see a before the before here.  the headboard was one of our first projects and is still going strong.  the nightstands have been through a few transformations but white seems to the best look for them. 

both the ottoman and the table in our reading nook were thrifted.  the ottoman has a personalized monogram, which is difficult to see in this picture.

our bookshelf started out black, but now blends in perfectly with a white coat of paint.

this room has always been my favorite space in our house.  we chose light colors throughout to keep it calm and relaxing.  the character of the slanted ceilings, natural light coming in from three sides of the house, cozy reading nook, and thin roof that bounces the rain just right all add to the feeling coziness this space provides.


little red riding hood

For the past five weeks, I have been on bed rest.  I am now 34 weeks, which means some restrictions have been lifted!  I don't normally get too excited about Halloween, but knowing it was coming a few days after being released from house arrest made it quite exciting this year.  I was able to make a little cape and apron for Evelyn's costume while I was resting, which resulted in a very simple costume.  We have been reading Little Red Riding Hood for a couple weeks now and I think she was exciting to wear her very own cape.

Obviously I couldn't resist a few pictures with the big bad wolf.  Very fittingly, every time we read the book she points to the wolf and says "puppy!"

When I mentioned Evelyn's costume to my mom, she started singing Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs.  Obviously Evelyn loved it and we joked for several weeks about making a video with it.  So please enjoy a short little film made mostly because my daughter loves watching videos of herself.


new england

last week, cody, evelyn and i took a trip to the new england area.  it has been a place i have been wanting to visit for a long time and now seemed like a great time.  it was just as beautiful as i pictured and although traveling with a toddler isn't always relaxing, it was a fun getaway for our growing family. 

evelyn finally showed an appreciation for the ocean and couldn't get enough of the sand and water throughout the trip.

"oh, that was cold!"

we packed light and weren't able to bring any beach toys with, but a wonderful family gave evelyn a little shovel.  she could have sat there shoveling for hours!

my babies and i loved finding all the lighthouses; this was my favorite one in portland, maine.

the beach in nantucket was covered in seashells.  my job involved keeping all of said seashells safe.

she was super thrilled about posing in front of the mayflower II.

we started our trip in maine, staying right on the ocean at old orchard beach.  it was a beautiful, but very busy, beach.  evelyn's favorite part was eating breakfast on our patio and watching all the people {and bostons and babies} walk by on their way to the beach.  we took a day to drive around maine and ended up at a state park where we did some hiking.  i started with evelyn in our baby carrier since she just wanted to be held most of the trip, but it didn't take long for her to want to hike herself.  she did such a good job maneuvering all the hills and rocks and trees.  we were impressed and definitely need to take her hiking again!  after staying a few days in maine, we drove down to cape cod where we stayed the rest of our trip.  we took a ferry to nantucket for a day and rented bikes to cruise around the island and find a good beach.  on our last day, cody suggested stopping at plymouth rock where we were able to take a tour of a replica of the mayflower.  it was very interesting and we were all glad we stopped.

i put together another little video of our trip.  enjoy! 


strawberries and eighteen months

yesterday, this little peanut turned eighteen months old and a little peanut she is.  none of her new summer shorts seemed to be fitting so i pulled out some six month clothes from last year and they fit like a dream.  who said kids are expensive ;).  and although her body may be tiny, her personality is not.  the other day at the grocery store an older gentleman commented on what a sweet, quiet little girl she is.  i just chuckled to myself.  if he only knew!  so we have been busy over here learning important things, like using inside voices and how to properly throw our heads back when we laugh.  between that and constant requests for rides on the "lawn mow" with daddy and papa, we sure are enjoying this age.