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i’m currently finding myself to be in a season of the in between.  it seems to be infiltrating all areas of my life, and my home is no exception.  i'm in between the desire to have a well-stocked and completely decorated home and the even stronger desire to purge all my belongings and live only on the bare necessities.  i think we all feel the pull in one direction or another at any given moment.  it’s a continuum, an ebb and a flow, and of course the key is to find the balance somewhere in between.  isn’t balance the answer for everything?  as a new season begins, i find it easiest to implement changes in all areas of life.  decorating for this new season in my life does not include store bought goods that will need to be stored or any perfectly curated vignettes.  it does include bringing the outdoors in-pumpkins, pinecones, leaves, grasses, branches-and gathering these with my favorite little helper.  it involves rearranging rooms and digging out warm blankets to promote coziness.  it involves burning pumpkin candles and diffusing cinnamon and orange oils.  it involves simmering soups and baking pies and steeping some loose leaf tea.  it involves dusting off some old records and maybe even throwing in a christmas album or two because, why not?  it involves cracking open the windows on cool evenings just to hear the sound of the combines late into the night.  it involves fake fires in the electric fireplace while watching football with your friends on sunday afternoon.  and that, my friends, is how i am decorating my home this fall.


nine months old

where do i even begin with this little bug?  the older she gets, the more i could just go on and on about her.  so to spare you from reading a novel, i will try to highlight just a few of my favorite things right now.  she is definitely on the move.  she loves exploring all over the house and doesn't seem to notice if i follow or not.  she tries standing up on everything she can-tables, couches, chairs, computers-but her absolute favorite is the dishwasher.  i have to reload the spoons she throws out about fourteen times a day, but it is all worth it to see how fast she can crawl as soon as i crack it open.  mealtimes are the best time of the day right now.  she is just such a goof while eating, in between bites, and as soon as the washcloth comes out to wipe her face.  she loves every second of it.  she figured out how to drink out of a straw a couple weeks ago and it is easily my favorite thing to watch.  she is also interested in drinking out of cups and will pretend to slurp out of empty ones all day long.  she is also quite dramatic so you can imagine how refreshed she acts afterwards too.  she loves to wave and has recently picked up pointing at things.  i try not to take it to heart when she points at me and starts laughing.  if only i knew what she was thinking.  cody and i often remark at how much more we laugh now that she is around.  and then we look back at her newborn pictures and cry and somehow it all balances out.  


five minute headbands

when i was pregnant with evelyn, i found this 5 minute legging tutorial.  i was able to make a couple pairs before her arrival and loved how simple the process was.  while looking for skirts to make leggings out of, i came across some bow clips and decided to make my own five minute headbands, no sewing required!

for supplies, you will need bow tie hair clips, elastic, and a hot glue gun.  forever 21 has tons of adorable hair clips.  i was able to get a three pack for $2.80 plus 20% off and free shipping.  they also carry many different sizes.  i chose the smallest size for evelyn.  the elastic i chose was from jo-ann.  if it is too thin it always seems to leave a mark, but if it is too thick it won't fit the bow.  the elastic i chose was the perfect width and had a nice lace detail to make the headband even cuter.

the first, and definitely most time consuming, step is to peel off the fabric connecting the bow.  it is hot glued on, but you must be careful not to rip it as you will need to use it again.  some of the bows were easy while others while stuck on pretty tight.

once the bow is unwrapped, you can glue on one side of your elastic.

after gluing down one side and allowing it to dry, measure around your child's head to get a good fit.  i like to make sure not to stretch it at all so the headband will be able to be worn longer.

after measuring the elastic, cut and glue down the second end.  you can then rewrap the piece of fabric that you took off earlier and use your glue to secure it.

and that is it!  my favorite thing about this project is you can remake them once they outgrow them and keep using the original bow.  i also kept the clip in case i want to reattach them when the headbands no longer work.  and if you have boys, i think these would make the cutest little bow-ties!


eight months old

how photo shoots go with an 8 month old:

i've said it before and i'm sure i will say it again, but this is easily my favorite age.  i'm not sure if it is her independence, her little voice, her new sleep habits, or if it just all of it combined.  she started crawling all over the place several weeks ago, which has been so fun.  everyone who warned me that i would long for her immobile days was simply mistaken.  i cannot get enough of those four little limbs and the places they take her.  it has been fun to see what actually interests her, which is basically just her dog.  she spends the majority of her day chasing him from one window to the next while occasionally stopping to play with a random toy or crawl on my lap for a quick hug.  i could just watch her all day long.  she has always been quite talkative, but it seems she never stops talking these days.  sometimes it's a sweet little whisper, other times its a high-pitched shriek.  we laugh at them all.  and her naps, don't get me started on her naps!  she has finally increased those little buggers from 30 minutes to 1+ hours and it is beautiful for all of us.  she also seems to be enjoying her food a lot more these days.  i mentioned previously that we had skipped the pureed food and followed the baby-led weaning approach.  she is still loving this method and we are finding she is eating a lot more of the food as opposed to spitting it all out.  her current favorites seem to be avocados, carrot sticks, and watermelon.  mealtimes have been a good opportunity to practice some sign language with her.  it is fun to see how much she understands these days.  we started a little late though, so she isn't imitating them too much yet.  i can't wait to see what the next month will hold for this little one.


washington state

it has been a week since we have returned from our vacation in washington and evelyn and i still seem to be on their time {hello 11 o'clock bedtime!}.  since we have returned we have been blessed with a summer cold {her}, unexplainable hives {me}, and no good reason to wake up any earlier than 9 o'clock.  slowly but surely we are getting back into the swing of things before school starts though.

we headed to anacortes for a family wedding along with cody's entire family {minus two}.  we took an rv with cody's parents and brothers and road tripped in style.  really bumpy, motion-sickness inducing style.  but evelyn seemed to enjoy it nonetheless and we made it there and back in one piece.  the first couple days we spent helping prepare for the wedding.  well, evelyn and i didn't do as much helping as we did supervising.  we also started out the vacation celebrating a little anniversary {four years!}.  after the wedding was over, we took the opportunity to check washington out a little bit.  evelyn and i had never been, so we wanted to see as much as we could.  we spent a day hiking around deception pass as well as a day exploring seattle.  evelyn wasn't quite as angry about her dip in the ocean as she was last time.  we also enjoyed eating some local food, giving evelyn her first taste of a farmer's market fresh nectarine {and dealing with the sugar high that followed}, and spending time with family.  we ended the trip with a stop in south dakota to visit her other grandparents.  i put together another little video of our trip.  i hope you enjoy!

music: on top of the world by imagine dragons